Stone walls

Wide choice of stone walls with different shades of shade, external and recessed seams. Walls can be made of: ● individually sized sawn stones, classic style with irregular seams; ● harsh style; ● of various sizes with rectangular stones; ● polygonal stones.

Gate and fence poles

Gate and fence posts of various shapes, sizes, colors, and types of surface treatment.

House plinth and facade walls

House finishing plinth is very important because it protects the foundations of the building from excess humidity and sharp temperature fluctuations. According to the client's wishes, we mason the plinths and facades of houses of different styles and colors, using natural, broken, carved, and sawn stones.

Support stone walls

Give your property an unusual, beautiful, and dynamic design. Use natural stone support walls to delimit recreation areas, separate different garden areas, or highlight the terrain. Support walls are not only a decorative element that can create an elegant exterior design, a solution to straightening the ground against erosion. Choose the appropriate stone color and joint thickness, and our professional masters will take care of the rest. According to the customer's wishes, it is also possible to install lighting.