Saying that the house is like an endless story, where from time to time some repairs or other improvements and additions are needed in order to fulfill your dreams over time and make the environment according to your intentions. The family from Dobele had an idea to rebuild the porch of the house, terrace, and install a water fountain. We went to fulfill the owner's wishes and built a fountain in the front yard and rebuilt the terrace and porch.

  The shape of the terrace was initially bricked with expanded clay blocks, which we later bricked with stone. The stone pattern is created according to the technological instructions with deepened and tinted seams to accentuate the carefully created stone pattern. Polished stones were used for the surfaces of the terrace, porch, and fountain, which we treated with autogenous after masonry to regain the stone's natural texture. The edges of the terrace support wall and the porch were covered with a ceiling to drain the water from the masonry.