About Us

Grandalmo is a company that works in the field of masonry since 1990. It was our leading specialist, expert in masonry and company co-founder Aļģis Moļņiks who started mastering the trade of stonemason. We can say with pride Grandalmo is engaged in natural stone processing and masonry, making different types of elements of interior and exterior. We process every stone to achieve the highest quality in every project.

The accumulated experience and knowledge have been passed down to our employees for building skilled and competent workers in the enterprise. Our implemented projects have been found across Latvia and Europe.

  • Our vision is to become a leading stone masonry company in Europe.
  • Our mission is to change opinion on stone masonry services in Europe as well as provide people with quality service.
  • Our values are quality, experience and guarantee.

In cooperation with Grandalmo, you will not only be satisfied with the work we have done, but you will also be pleasantly surprised with our skilled experts by collaborating with us. Our projects conform to the highest quality standards and we assure that each order is created as a unique artwork.